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Day 1 - Ashgabat arrival Arrival in Ashgabat airport....
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The Karakala and Nokhur regions are two of most...
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Meet some of the friendliest people on the Silk Road...
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When it comes to art and culture, carpet making is one...
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Sheraton Grand Turkmen Hotel5
City: Ashgabat
«Grand Turkmen» is a 5 star Hotel with the service of highest...
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Independent Hotel3
City: Ashgabat
«Independent» Hotel was built in 1991 and reconstructed in 1995....
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Ahal Hotel3
City: Ashgabat
«Ahal» Hotel was built in 1994. This is a relatively small Hotel,...
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During several-year sequence of business trips I was lucky to try dishes of many national cuisines and recipes. However, the meals made in natural conditions...
Capital reconstruction of the 216-274-km part of the Tashkent-Osh road is underway in Ferghana region.Previously, this road of international importance, which...
Amid celebrations of the 17th anniversary of Independence of Uzbekistan the solemn ceremony of opening of the scientific and research astronomic observatory was...
The active preparations for celebration of the 2200th anniversary of the city of Tashkent are now going on. The excellent look of the Uzbek blooming capital,...
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