Foreign Tourists: ‘Tashkent Beams with Charm & Beauty’
The active preparations for celebration of the 2200th anniversary of the city of Tashkent are now going on. The excellent look of the Uzbek blooming capital, its grand constructions, wonderful nature and pictorial places of worth even more attract tourists.

At the moment, the Uzbek citizens can meet many foreigners as they admire the beauty of Tashkent. Some of them shared with their impressions while speaking to the Uzbekistan National News Agency.

Rokuro Takahasi of Japan:

“Four years ago I have been in Tashkent on a business trip. Then I wanted to come here again with my family. I am very glad that my dream has come true. For over the short period of time Tashkent has changed out of all recognition and it has become even more beautiful. I have been to many places in Uzbekistan. Only some cities around the world can boast of such unique architectural monuments and sacred places of worship as Tashkent, Khiva, Samarkand and Bukhara.

Firstly, I along with my wife and my children visited the Mustakillik Square, laid wreath the Independence and Humanism monument. We were amazed of the beauty and grandeur of the square.”

Abdulaziz Al-Vadhi of Egypt:

“I am for the first time in Tashkent. The city made an enormous impression on me. The beauty of the Uzbek capital exceeded all my expectations. While visiting the places of sightseeing – the historical and architectural monuments, the sacred places of worship, I have gotten much pleasure. The Khazrati Imam Complex especially amazed me. The profound and able reconstruction accomplished there is a testimony to creative potential of the Uzbek people. The Kukaldosh Madrassah has also made an unforgettable impression on me.

Such features as hospitality, kindness and generosity peculiar to the Uzbek people, as well as your astonishing customs and national traditions embody high spirituality. The peace and tranquility reign in Uzbekistan. And this is one of the important factors which attract foreign visitors here.”

Joseffo Lomatso of Italia:

“I have read much about Uzbekistan and especially its capital – Tashkent. I am amazed of the beauty of this wonderful city. The uniqueness of your capital, grand constructions that combine both modern and national architectural styles have indeed charmed me.

Especially I have received an unforgettable impression when I have visited the crowded markets of the city abound with gifts of nature. While visiting the Eski Juva and Oloy markets I became convinced that the life of the Uzbek people is plentiful and tranquil.”

Pier Gamerdajais of France:

“For several days I am seeing around beautiful Tashkent. There are all conditions at this ancient and at the same time amazingly modern city. While visiting the museums and galleries one get an esthetic pleasure, and the politeness and benevolentness of people at cafes arouse in hearts the warmest senses. I have examined various exhibits at the State Museum of History of Temur and his dynasty and I have vastly enriched my idea on your country and its rich history.

I liked especially the Uzbek dishes. When one tastes pilav, kebab, chuchvara and norin involuntarily wants to come back to this country. Such tasty bread as there is in Tashkent I have not eaten at any other country. In memory of this unforgettable trip I have started to collect goods of the Uzbek national handicraft.

Lola Bekmuratova for the Information Agency “Jahon” in English