Astronomic Observatory Established in Andijan

Amid celebrations of the 17th anniversary of Independence of Uzbekistan the solemn ceremony of opening of the scientific and research astronomic observatory was held in Andijan city, according to the Pravda Vostoka newspaper.

The observatory is situated at the highest point of the city – at the favorite recreation area of the local population Bagishamol. Its place of note is a professional telescope with a diameter of main glass 30 centimeters. It allows to observe objects of 14th star size, in other words those that are for some thousand times weak than those visible with unaided eye.

Not only the practical classes on astronomy but also the scientific and research work on many directions can be held at the observatory. In the near future the first planetarium in Ferghana Valley will appear on its basis.

It is a symbolic that the observatory was opened in the Year of Youth. The director of the Astronomic Institute at the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan Sh. Egamberdiev and director of the Andijan-Namangan Scientific Center at the Academy of Sciences of the country are reported to have initiated such endeavor.

Various organizations attracted by regional municipality participated in constructing the observatory. The Babur International Fund, Andijan State University, private entrepreneurs and organizations are among them.

“Several large facilities engaged in astronomic observation are situated on the territory of Uzbekistan,” M.Muminov said. “The alpine Maydanak observatory – the only of its kind in Central Asia – is among unique buildings. Tens of higher educational institutions train future astronomers. The network of scientific and educational observatories is now being created on the basis of those educational establishments. Now, the Andijan observatory has joined them.”

Lola Bekmuratova for the Information Agency “Jahon” in English