Tourist Visa to Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan Visa Requirements 

In general all foreign nationals are required to have visas to enter the Republic of Turkmenistan. To obtain the tourist visa, all foreign nationals need a visa support from a licensed travel agency in Turkmenistan. Visa support application is submitted by the travel agency to the Immigration Service of the Republic of Turkmenistan. The approval period is about 3 weeks. The Immigration Service reserves the right to deny any application for visa support without providing further explanations. Approved visa support is faxed directly to the embassy or consulate of the Republic of Turkmenistan in the country where the traveler is receiving visa.

Travelers from countries, which have a Turkmenistan embassy, consulate or diplomatic representative, must purchase their visa in their home country or in any Turkmen embassies located close to your home country/location before departing for Turkmenistan. Otherwise, they will be sent back on the next available flight.

All other visitors can purchase a visa from the local authorities on arrival. Again, however, a letter of invitation from a company registered in Turkmenistan, endorsed in writing by the Turkmen Immigration Office, is required and must be presented to the immigration officers on arrival. The visa fee for Turkmenistan is US$ 61  upon arrival in Turkmenbashy International Airport.


According to the new decree the State Committee for Tourism & Sport of Turkmenistan will issue TRAVEL ENTRY PASS for every tourists to pass on them by  local travel agemcy representative before passport control on each borders.

All tourists must be registrated in at City Tourism Board. Registration fee is US$ 5  per person. Sometimes we include this fee into tour cost as it depends on tour cost. Please bring with the following documents as:

    1) Valid Passport;  
    2) 2 photos (3 x 4 cm);
    3) Passport copies (2 copies).

How much is the visa fee?

Through Land
Dashoguz border - US$ 51 per person
Khodjeili border - US$ 51 per person
Farab border - US$ 61 per person

Through Air
Ashgabat Int.Airport - US$ 81 per person

How many days are required for issuing the visa?

You should to provide ux with passport data at least on 25 days before the arrival date to issue a visa support. To issue a Turkmen visa at Turkmen Embassies abroad takes 2-3 days maximum. However you have to contact them directly.